“A good summary of the excellence of my invaluable Tru-Grip is to tell you that it allows me to pick up a crumb, a Sunday New York Times or a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon with equal confidence.  You can be proud of your products and the representatives you have chosen as your face in the US.” Happy Customer-New York

“I have used their “reachers” as they call them (we call them grabbers) for many, many years and finally found their US site—awesome company.  Products guaranteed for life no matter how old. You are greeted with a friendly voice, positive attitude, and knowledgeable staff.  We just ordered 2 more “grabbers”—a necessity for the wheelchair bound individual—makes life so much easier for them. Do your loved one (or yourself) a favor, purchase from. Expensive?  Yes but figure it out, over the past several years you have purchased, say 10 grabbers at $9.99 and had to keep replacing them—these are the Cadillac of grabbers—get one now.” Satisfied consumers in North Carolina.

“Having had a left total hip replacement last June and anticipation of doing the other one in the near future I of course have a few help aids.  My favorite one is the EZY-UP. (HU-0805(sock aid.) Of all the sock aids available in the industry this one by far is the best of them all.  Being unable to reach feet to put on socks none of the other devices hold a candle to the ezy-up.  They are flimsy and do not fit my needs.The ezy-up is by far the best.  Backing up this product I was fortunate enough to hook up with HEATHER.  I had left a message yesterday and Heather returned it this morning.  She is so knowledgeable and positive. She assisted me in ordering another one of these aids so I could have a second one.  I deal with many companies over the phone and none of their customer service folks can get near Heather’s professionalism.  She is a credit to your company. Thanks to you and Heather for great service which is rare these days.” Happy Customer, Ed from CA!

“I have used so many reachers over the years, and this is the best one yet.  I am amazed to see how well it picks up all different sizes of objects, even the tiniest.  I feed squirrels with peanuts in the shell, and the squirrels leave the shells on the ground everywhere, usually in fragments.  This reacher picks up all the fragments!  I can’t bend down to reach the shells on the ground, so need some tool to help.  Thank you, thank you.” Happy Customer, from CA!

Dear Heather Hansen,
Thank you for your prompt response and for your follow-up telephone call. It is reassuring to know that there are still companies that actually stand behind their products. I will continue to be a “Helping Hand Company” customer and I will be purchasing some of your other products as well.
Bruce Andersen-Hvam

“Did you ever acquire a device to help you deal with one issue, and then discover that it gradually became an indispensable “helping hand” in a dozen or more others? I have! And today as I returned to a website first visited several years ago, it delivered a reminder of how and why I’m likely to find the “helping hand” permanently indispensable…24-karat Customer Support is alive and well across the pond. Cat Densham offered and implemented a personalized service that would provide me with a contact point that would make her my voice with their distributor and bypass, in style, the potential negatives of being a one-woman customer base. “For us,” she said, the single consumer is every bit as entitled to our help as the corporation that buys by the thousands. What an ambassador!”
Annette Cunningham, New York